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The youngest town in the county was named for Dr. William Seward Webb builder of the Mohawk and Malone Railroad through the region in 1892. The impact of the railroad upon the region was immediate. Thousands of people poured into the mountains to enjoy recreational and health-generating opportunities. Steamboats and Guideboats brought them to new hotels and guest houses along the lakes. Logging camps and mills provided plenty of work but claimed a fair share of the surrounding forests. Two decades of prosperity followed along with a great building boom. The jubilant citizens of the new township were unaware of the perils looming ahead in the new century - of catastrophic forest fires, the decimation of forest lands and wildlife, spiraling land prices, unpredictable cycles of development, two major world wars and other global conflicts, the changes in the transportation systems, the impact of technology, acid rain, and the powerful political forces that operate within the Adirondack Park and State of New York.

Tourism drives the economy in the Town of Webb. It is still a land of rugged mountains with nearly 200 sparkling lakes and ponds. Approximately 1,900 year-round residents live in the small hamlets and along the waterways. Thousands more visit the region to enjoy boating, hiking, river rafting, skiing, snowmobiling, or to spend time with their families and friends at their seasonal camp properties. At the Goodsell Museum in Old Forge, we are working to preserve our rich history and share our stories.

In the late 1960's, Betty Cole, George Sponable, and Pitt Smith first talked about preserving local history. For a while, artifacts and photographs were collected and stored in the basement of the Town of Webb Health Center. Later, exhibits were displayed on the second floor of the old Fire Hall on Crosby Boulevard. In 1976, local businessman A. Richard Cohen deeded his parents' homestead to the historical group and to the library. In 1977 Marion Holmes, a retired Town of Webb teacher, was appointed town historian and then elected President of the Historical. Under her leadership the Historical Association was incorporated in 1988 as a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and displaying the heritage of our region.

In 1995, the Association inherited the Robert Goodsell property on Main Street, and began as The Goodsell Museum, in a beautifully restored Victorian turn-of-the century home and carriage house, centrally located in the village of Old Forge across from the post office. It was built by Robert's father, George Goodsell, in 1899-1900 and was the Goodsell family home for nearly a century. T
he museum has six rooms of exhibits. Plans are underway for additional displays and shows. A feature exhibit changes every year, and the remainder are updated or rotated at whim. Our yearly attendance continues to grow, as does membership to our organization. We have an extensive library and research facility available that is continuiously being expanded. We provide educational and recreational opportunities for all ages throughout the year. Admission to the museum is free and we are open year-round!

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