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List of Populated Places and Geographical Features in the Town of WEBB


From the US Department of the Interior Website: URL:

Big Moose
Feature Name Type USGS 7.5' Map
Bald Mountain Brook stream 434523N 0745458W
Big Diamond Pond lake 434715N 0745717W
Big Moose populated place 434906N 0745456W
Bottle Mountain summit 434515N 0745413W
Buck Pond lake 434916N 0745548W
Camp Rondaxe locale 434527N 0745434W
Carter Station locale 434602N 0745716W
Cary Lake lake 434503N 0745346W
Clear Pond lake 434600N 0745729W
Cranberry Pond lake 435150N 0745833W
Doe Pond lake 434741N 0745719W
Fly Pond Outlet stream 434506N 0745438W
Goose Pond lake 434700N 0745412W
Independence Lake lake 434622N 0745845W
Kan-ac-to Lake lake 434505N 0745535W
Little Birch Pond lake 435117N 0745236W
Little Diamond Pond lake 434809N 0745602W
Little Independence Pond lake 434811N 0745729W
Little Rock Pond lake 435003N 0745637W
Little Safford Lake lake 434532N 0745758W
Lost Pond lake 435006N 0745836W
Lyons Marsh swamp 434818N 0745842W
Melody Island island 435204N 0745940W
Mountain Pond lake 434529N 0745313W
Oswego Pond lake 435108N 0745400W
Pocket Ponds lake 435002N 0745255W
Razorback Pond lake 435100N 0745513W
Rondaxe, Lake lake 434547N 0745421W
Safford Pond lake 434730N 0745442W
Shaw Creek stream 434718N 0750000W
Silver Dollar Pond lake 434955N 0745326W
Silver Lake lake 435036N 0745448W
Slide Off Mountain summit 434653N 0745343W
Snake Pond lake 435010N 0745503W
South Pond lake 435047N 0745243W
Squash Pond lake 434938N 0745319W
Te-jec-na, Lake lake 434513N 0745535W
Thirsty Pond lake 434923N 0745420W
Twitchell Creek stream 435112N 0745959W
Twitchell Lake lake 435057N 0745309W
Twitchell Mountain summit 435141N 0745401W
West Lake lake 434523N 0745509W
West Pond lake 434839N 0745249W
Woods Lake lake 435214N 0745706W
Woods Lake populated place 435108N 0745706W
 Bisby Lakes
Feature Name Type USGS 7.5' Map
Atwell populated place 433126N 0745641W
Big Island island 433554N 0745824W
Bisby Lakes lake 433511N 0745713W
Bisby Lodge bench 433619N 0745613W
Brooktrout Point cape 433536N 0745944W
Canachagala Lake lake 433607N 0745427W
Canachagala Mountain summit 433517N 0745357W
Chamber Lake lake 433528N 0745623W
Clark Brook stream 433150N 0745919W
Combs Lake lake 433727N 0745615W
Cool Mountain summit 433106N 0745609W
Deer Bay bay 433537N 0745701W
First Lake lake 433615N 0745609W
Fourth Lake lake 433401N 0745820W
Golden Stair Creek stream 433326N 0745448W
Golden Stair Mountain summit 433430N 0745622W
Hardscrabble Lake lake 433251N 0745316W
Hoxie Brook stream 433218N 0745807W
Ice Cave Creek stream 433327N 0745423W
Ice Cave Valley valley 433338N 0745415W
Jocks Brook stream 433251N 0745459W
Lily Lake lake 433210N 0745949W
Little Woodhull Lake lake 433155N 0745923W
Middle Branch Black River stream 433312N 0745435W
Mud Pond lake 433259N 0745616W
Nelson Brook stream 433215N 0745807W
North Branch Black River stream 433321N 0745420W
North Lake lake 433215N 0745542W
Remson Point cape 433519N 0745929W
Rose Mountain summit 433654N 0745527W
Sand Lake lake 433418N 0745955W
Second Lake lake 433536N 0745644W
Seeley Brook stream 433206N 0745753W
South Lake reservoir 433035N 0745237W
Sugarloaf Mountain summit 433246N 0745537W
Sylvan Ponds lake 433643N 0745615W
Third Lake lake 433452N 0745744W
Trusty Mountain summit 433559N 0745654W
Woodhull Lake lake 433543N 0745847W
Woodhull Mountain summit 433721N 0745743W
Copper Lake
Middle Branch Pine Creek stream 434108N 0750925W
Stony Creek stream 433903N 0750828W
Tommy Roaring Creek stream 434327N 0750953W
Eagle Bay
Bartons Island island 434518N 0745204W
Big Chief Pond lake 434950N 0744948W
Big Moose Lake lake 434951N 0745057W
Browns Rock pillar 435017N 0745155W
Bubb Lake lake 434620N 0745108W
Constable Creek stream 434928N 0745027W
Craig Point cape 434924N 0745116W
Dart Lake lake 434741N 0745154W
Eagle Bay populated place 434610N 0744902W
Eagle Creek stream 434554N 0744919W
Eagle Point cape 434547N 0744904W
East Bay bay 435013N 0744931W
East Pond lake 435153N 0745151W
Gull Rock Point cape 434522N 0745003W
Jock Pond lake 435104N 0745132W
Lilypad Ponds lake 435119N 0745204W
Little Chief Pond lake 435041N 0745004W
Merriam Lake lake 435124N 0745048W
Moss Lake lake 434704N 0745107W
North Bay bay 435018N 0745101W
Sis Lake lake 434609N 0745138W
South Bay bay 434923N 0745054W
Sugarloaf summit 434958N 0744921W
Surprise Pond lake 434556N 0745038W
Thistle Island island 434514N 0745212W
Tom Mount summit 435118N 0745008W
Townsend Pond lake 434850N 0745025W
Windfall Pond lake 434820N 0744946W
Honnedaga Lake
Cahans Farm locale 433722N 0745010W
Elbow Brook stream 433154N 0744646W
Forest Lodge locale 433112N 0744813W
Gooseneck Lake lake 433412N 0745121W
Herkimer Landing populated place 433034N 0744854W
Honnedaga Lake lake 433133N 0744926W
Horn Lake lake 433555N 0744920W
Ice Cave Mountain summit 433537N 0745203W
Little Deer Lake lake 433352N 0744904W
Monument Lake lake 433434N 0744925W
Mountain Lake lake 433443N 0744805W
Raymond Brook stream 433100N 0745149W
Raymond Hills summit 433113N 0745010W
Snyder Lake lake 433413N 0744918W
Stearns Mudhole lake 433157N 0744814W
Twin Lakes lake 433343N 0744849W
Yale Brook stream 433438N 0744553W
Bear Lake lake 433557N 0750320W
Big Brook stream 433055N 0750349W
Bloodsucker Pond lake 433551N 0750133W
Brewer Lake lake 433531N 0750513W
Buck Pond lake 433200N 0750342W
Chub Pond lake 433138N 0750255W
Coleman Dam dam 433449N 0750358W
Granny Marsh swamp 433418N 0750515W
Grindstone Creek stream 433303N 0750044W
Gull Lake lake 433309N 0750334W
Gull Lake Outlet stream 433048N 0750449W
Lot 8 Creek stream 433021N 0750638W
McKeever populated place 433643N 0750557W
Middle Branch Moose River stream 433716N 0750440W
Mill Brook stream 433409N 0750420W
Neejer Hill summit 433431N 0750302W
South Branch Moose River stream 433715N 0750437W
Squirrel Ponds lake 433538N 0750424W
Stony Brook stream 433011N 0750648W
Wolf Lake Landing populated place 433604N 0750114W
Nehasane Lake
Alder Creek stream 435717N 0745002W
Brandreth populated place 435615N 0745111W
Buck Pond lake 435806N 0745035W
Electra, Mount summit 435859N 0745042W
Keepawa populated place 435727N 0745023W
Little Rapids populated place 435543N 0745225W
Negro Lake lake 435939N 0745226W
Rock Lake lake 435759N 0745215W
Thayer Lake lake 435555N 0745008W
Wilder Pond lake 435911N 0745140W
Number Four
Balsam Flats flat 434709N 0750730W
Fifth Creek stream 434807N 0750845W
Fourth Creek stream 434730N 0751112W
Moshier Falls populated place 435212N 0750823W
Pine Creek stream 434848N 0751225W
Sunday Creek stream 435217N 0750816W
Old Forge
Bald Mountain summit 434419N 0745451W
Bald Mountain Pond lake 434353N 0745530W
Beaver Brook stream 434246N 0745742W
Big Island island 434441N 0745241W
Burnt Mountain summit 434128N 0745308W
Combs Brook stream 433840N 0745615W
Combs Springhole bend 433819N 0745612W
DeCamps Island island 434300N 0745507W
Dog Island island 434237N 0745532W
Dwight Pond lake 434146N 0745259W
East Bay bay 434119N 0745443W
East Pond lake 434140N 0745351W
Fernow Mountain summit 434205N 0745238W
First Lake lake 434304N 0745532W
Fly Pond lake 434452N 0745413W
Gray Lake lake 434208N 0745750W
Green Lake lake 433903N 0745442W
Horseshoe Pond lake 433933N 0745304W
Limekiln Creek stream 433950N 0745432W
Limekiln Falls falls 433951N 0745417W
Little Moose Lake lake 434130N 0745535W
Little Moose Mountain summit 434133N 0745708W
Little Moose Outlet stream 433833N 0745752W
McCauley Mountain summit 434133N 0745742W
Moulin Mountain summit 434349N 0745930W
Mountain Lodge populated place 434157N 0745536W
Mountain Pond lake 434225N 0745243W
Nameless Creek stream 433908N 0745733W
Nicks Lake lake 434043N 0745939W
North Branch Moose River stream 434216N 0745911W
Old Forge populated place 434236N 0745829W
Old Forge Airport airport 434330N 0745839W
Otter Brook stream 433815N 0745335W
Panther Lake lake 434051N 0745525W
Panther Mountain summit 434020N 0745543W
Pico Creek stream 433843N 0745354W
Riverview Cemetery cemetery 434254N 0745827W
Rock Pond lake 433906N 0745829W
Round Pond lake 434417N 0745825W
Second Lake lake 434321N 0745447W
Shelter Island island 434423N 0745249W
Sugarloaf Mountain summit 434420N 0745555W
Third Lake lake 434346N 0745402W
Third Lake Creek stream 434343N 0745339W
Twin Pond lake 434229N 0745637W
WUMA-FM (Old Forge) tower 434317N 0745628W
Wheeler Pond lake 434429N 0745748W
Stillwater Mountain
Birch Creek stream 435029N 0750000W
Blue Pond lake 434830N 0750533W
Cherry Creek stream 434639N 0750637W
Crondall Creek stream 434658N 0750722W
Fifth Creek Pond lake 435022N 0750445W
Grass Pond lake 434716N 0750432W
Green Pond lake 435220N 0750555W
Hay Creek stream 434903N 0750718W
Hitchcock Creek stream 434844N 0750550W
Hitchcock Lake lake 435104N 0750233W
Hitchcock Pond lake 434703N 0750517W
Hitchock Pond lake 434706N 0750515W
Lennon Ponds lake 434858N 0750645W
Lizard Spring Brook stream 435228N 0750353W
Moose Creek stream 434626N 0750334W
Moose Pond lake 434659N 0750345W
Polack Swamp swamp 434958N 0750008W
Stillwater Mountain summit 435144N 0750202W
Sunday Lake lake 435130N 0750615W
Twitchell Creek stream 435137N 0750005W
Stillwater Reservoir
Bear Pond lake 435734N 0745957W
Beaver River populated place 435413N 0745437W
Beaverdam Pond lake 435813N 0745349W
Big Burnt Lake lake 435510N 0745645W
Clear Lake lake 435923N 0745514W
Covey Pond lake 435923N 0745559W
Crooked Lake lake 435952N 0745619W
Dismal Pond lake 435726N 0745830W
Elbow Pond lake 435810N 0745500W
Elbow Pond lake 435812N 0745500W
Falls Lake lake 435613N 0745252W
Gun Harbor bay 435534N 0745521W
Gun Harbor Brook stream 435548N 0745534W
Hawk Pond lake 435721N 0745737W
Hidden Lake lake 435516N 0745939W
Higby Twin Ponds lake 435739N 0745609W
Huckleberry Pond lake 435652N 0745951W
Little Rock Pond lake 435739N 0745435W
Loon Lake lake 435422N 0745655W
Lost Island Pond lake 435840N 0745430W
Lost Island Pond lake 435842N 0745430W
Lower Beech Ridge Pond lake 435754N 0745855W
Mud Lake lake 435346N 0745810W
Mud Pond lake 435854N 0745527W
Norridge Trail trail 435318N 0745328W
Norridgewock Lake lake 435404N 0745423W
North Branch stream 435624N 0745333W
Salmon Lake lake 435647N 0745629W
Salmon Lake Trail trail 435730N 0745543W
Sitz Pond lake 435937N 0745958W
South Branch stream 435437N 0745254W
Summit Mountain summit 435948N 0745501W
Summit Pond lake 435935N 0745525W
Trout Pond lake 435527N 0745657W
Upper Beech Ridge Pond lake 435806N 0745940W
Walker Lake lake 435810N 0745640W
West Branch Beaver River stream 435358N 0745431W
Willys Lake lake 435810N 0745715W
Witchhopple Lake lake 435757N 0745500W
Bear Pond lake 435513N 0750707W
Brindle Pond lake 435946N 0750307W
Buck Pond lake 435941N 0750402W
Cropsey Pond lake 435442N 0750410W
Deer Pond lake 435604N 0750331W
Diana Pond lake 435710N 0750018W
Duck Pond lake 435642N 0750502W
Evergreen Lake lake 435505N 0750102W
Ginger Pond lake 435550N 0750009W
Green Pond lake 435744N 0750338W
Gregg Lake lake 435744N 0750400W
Hog Pond lake 435910N 0750403W
Jackson Pond lake 435522N 0750207W
Loon Hollows Pond lake 435747N 0750238W
Lower South Pond lake 435859N 0750035W
Lyon Lake lake 435648N 0750111W
Martin Brook stream 435634N 0750728W
Middle South Pond lake 435919N 0750108W
Moshier Creek stream 435341N 0750559W
Moshier Ponds lake 435606N 0750426W
Moshier Reservoir reservoir 435313N 0750631W
Muskrat Pond lake 435629N 0750211W
Peaked Mountain Lake lake 435450N 0750016W
Pepperbox Pond lake 435615N 0750541W
Raven Lake lake 435552N 0750159W
Sand Lake Outlet stream 435947N 0750249W
Shallow Pond lake 435522N 0750222W
Sitz Mountain summit 435946N 0750008W
Slim Pond lake 435526N 0750108W
Soda Pond lake 435606N 0750037W
Stillwater populated place 435324N 0750212W
Stillwater Reservoir reservoir 435350N 0750305W
Sunshine Pond lake 435615N 0750311W
Tied Lake lake 435845N 0750405W
Twin Ponds lake 435712N 0750242W
Upper South Pond lake 435926N 0750136W
Bare Mountain summit 434031N 0750427W
Beaver Pond lake 434216N 0750139W
Big Otter Lake lake 434344N 0750627W
Blackfoot Pond lake 434442N 0750135W
Bloodsucker Pond lake 433830N 0750120W
Cedar Pond lake 434134N 0750455W
Easka Lake lake 434053N 0750310W
East Pond lake 434424N 0750255W
Flatrock Mountain summit 434005N 0750332W
Gibbs Lake lake 434400N 0750002W
Grass Pond lake 434134N 0750341W
Gull Lake lake 433846N 0750521W
Half Moon Pond lake 434405N 0750054W
Indian Brook stream 434301N 0750005W
Jones Mountain summit 433932N 0750327W
Little Roundtop summit 433938N 0750237W
Little Simon Pond lake 434358N 0750228W
Lost Creek stream 434357N 0750548W
Lost Creek stream 434356N 0750550W
Middle Branch Lake lake 434205N 0750558W
Middle Settlement Creek stream 433937N 0750447W
Middle Settlement Lake lake 434108N 0750553W
Mink Run stream 434250N 0750415W
Minnehaha populated place 433942N 0750406W
Moose River Mountain summit 434230N 0750247W
Nelson Lake lake 433849N 0750332W
Nicks Creek stream 433745N 0750212W
North Inlet stream 434408N 0750623W
North Pond lake 434446N 0750622W
Okara Lakes lake 434058N 0750246W
Rock Pond lake 434153N 0750222W
South Inlet stream 434329N 0750625W
Spruce Ridge Camp locale 434053N 0750151W
Tamarack Lake lake 433939N 0750510W
Tamarack Lake lake 433952N 0750507W
Tekeni, Lake lake 434100N 0750230W
Thendara populated place 434200N 0750008W
Tooker Mountain summit 433830N 0750237W
Tooker Mountain summit 433830N 0750240W
West Pond lake 434357N 0750726W
Wheeler Pond lake 434047N 0750155W
Transcribed October 2001
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