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John Brown's Map
Township 42 Map
1897 Koettritz Map Reproduction
Map of part of Brown's Tract from surveys made for Dr. Webb
Available in two sizes:
18" x 21" - $25
28 1/2" x 31" - $45
Circa 1906
Reproduction of Artemus M. Church's Map of Township 42

including Big Moose with property owners listed
Available in two sizes:
15" x 22" - $25
44" x 30" - $50

Perfect for framing!
Golf Course Map
Screen Saver Front

Screen Saver Back
Thendara Golf Course Print
Original 1921 Design by Donald J Ross
Available in two sizes:
36" x 24" Color Print - $50
18" x 13" Color Print - $25

18" x 13" Black and White Print - $15
Goodsell Museum Screen Saver
with over 40 Historic Hotel Images
for both PC and MAC users
Cat's Meow
The Cat's Meow My World
Berkeley Lodge ca. 1896
Summer Home of President Benjamin Harrison, Old Forge, NY
The Goodsell Museum
Can Koozie
$2 each
Giant Post Card  CS Notecard - Covered Bridge CS Notecard - Hemmer Cottage CS Notecard - OF Hardware
CS Notecard - St. Olaf CS Notecard - Green Bridge CS Notecard - Thendara Train Station
CS Notecard - VanAukens
Giant Post Card 
#1204 Fire Warden's Tower and Cabin at the Top of Bald Mountain
To benefit the Friends of Bald Mountain Fire Tower and The Town of Webb Historical Association
Postcards donated by Standard Supply, Otter Lake
$3 each
Note Cards
from Original Watercolor paintings by Constance B. Smith
Blank inside 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" envelope included
$4.50 each
Seven Designs available:
  • Covered Bridge
  • Hemmer Cottage
  • Old Forge Hardware
  • St. Olaf Chapel
  • Green Bridge
  • Thendara Station
  • Van Auken's Inne
Please specify which design when ordering!

Topograhical Map Pin    
LS Print - Adirondack Lean To LS Print - Bald Mt & Bald Mt Pond
LS Print - Heading North Bald Mountain Spring LS Print - Bridge to Raquette Lake Village
Topographical Map Pins
$2.50 each
Many Designs available including:
  • Rondaxe Mtn.
  • Woodhull Mtn.
  • Snowy Mtn.
  • Pillsbury Mtn.
  • Kane Mtn.
  • Northville
  • Tupper Lake
  • Cranberry Lake
  • St. Regis Mtn.
  • Poke Mtn.
  • Loon Lake Mtn.
  • Arab Mtn.
  • Hurricane Mtn.
  • Vanderwhacker Mtn.
  • Owls Head Mtn.
  • Gore Mtn.
  • Crane Mtn.
  • Adams Mtn.
  • Goodnow Mtn.
Specify Design when ordering
Lloyd Schaffer Prints
8 1/2" x 11"
Set of Four:
  • "Adirondack Lean-to"
  • "Bald Mt. - Bald Mt. Pond"
  • "Heading North" Bald Mountain Spring
  • "Bridge to Raquette Lake Village"

LS Notecard - Adk Lean to LS Notecard - Bald Mt Pond LS Notecard - Bald Mt. towards Inlet
la Notecard - Bridge to Raquette Lake LS Notecard - Raquette Lake towards Blue Mtn LS Notecard - Winter Scene
Adirondacks Bumper Sticker
Lloyd Schaffer Notecards
4" x 5" cards with envelops. Blank inside.
6 Scenes available.
  • "Adirondack Lean-to"
  • "Bald Mt. from Bald Mt. Pond"
  • "Bald Mt. towards Inlet"
  • Bridge to Raquette Lake Village"
  • "Raquette Lake towards Blue Mt."
  • "Winter Scene"
Sold in variety sets
4 Cards - $4
5 Cards - $5
6 Cards - $6
Adirondacks Take me home
Bumper Sticker
High Quality Vinyl * Removable * Special No-Fade Inks * Last for years outside
Adirondack Fire TowerThe Fulton Chain
Adirondack Fire Towers
by Martin Podskoch
"This book tells the story of the towers in the words of the observers who staffed them"
  278 pages, Hardcover
The Fulton Chain
Early Settlement, Roads, Steamboats, Railroads, and Hotels
By Charles E. Herr
"The first general history of the Fulton Chain region in almost seventy years"
321 pages, Hard cover
$39.99 each

Haunted Old Forge
Adirondack Logging
Haunted Old Forge
by Dennis Webster & Bernadette Peck
"Take a chilling journey into the paranormal history of what may be the most haunted town in the nation."
124 pages, Softcover
Adirondack Logging
by William J. O'Hern
"Stories, Memories, Cookhouse Chronicles, Linn Tractors and Gould Paper Company Histoy form Adirondack and Tug Hill Lumber Camps"
457 pages, Softcover
Fourth Lake - Early Camps & Hotels NY Central in the ADK
Fourth Lake - Early Camps & Hotels
by Bruce P. Bonfield
"Enjoy a walk back through time in this highly illustrated narrative of over 40 historic hotels and private camps on Fouth Lake spanning the four decades from the mid 1890s to the early 1930s"
 245 pages, Hardcover
The New York Central in the Adirondacks
by John M. Ham & Timothy R. Mayers
"A tribute to "Dr. Webb's Railroad" is an extensive photo essay that tells story of the NY Central's Adirondack Division. With more than four hundred photos and captions"
 256 pages, Hardcover
These are going fast!
When they are gone they are gone!
Anna the SpiderPepper the Dragon Fly Snowy Owls
Anna the Spider and
Pepper The Dragonfly
Written by Nancy Best
Illustrated by Mathew Capron
"Take a trip into your imagination with Anna the Spider and Pepper the Dragonfly. The First and Second book in the Adirondack Bug Adventures Series"
  40 pages, Softcover
$6.95 each
The Many Faces of Snowy Owls
by Susan Luther Kiesel
"In the winter of 2013-2014 there was an unusual migration of snowy owls in upstate New York. Photojournalist Susan Luther Kiesel captured hundreds of pictures of these beautiful birds and shares some of them here"
 40 pages, Softcover
Adirondack OutlawsAdirondack Lakes
Adirondack Outlaws
Bad Boys & Lawless Ladies
By Niki Kourofsky
"Is an entertaining romp thourgh the dark side of the region's history"
130 pages, Soft cover
$14.95 each
Adirondack Lakes
by Thomas A. Gates
"The lakes of the Adirondack region are explored in this superb collection of masterful images, most of which are previously unpublished"
  142 pages, Softcover
Spring Trout & Strawberry PancakesThe Peg Leg Railroad
Spring Trout & Strawberry Pancakes
Borrowed Tales, Quirky Cures, Camp Recipes and the Adirondack Characters Who Cooked Them Up
by William J. O'Hern

"Stories and Recipes with a Distinct Woodland Flavor."
298 pages, Softcover
Wooden Rails in the Adirondacks
The "Peg Leg" Railroad
by Richard F. Palmer

27 pages, Booklet
Women Belong in History Books Volume II Herkimer at 200
Women Belong In History Books
Herkimer and Oneida Counties 1700 - 1950
Edited by Jane Sullivan Spellman
A collection of stories to record  the remarkable women in Oneida and Herkimer Counties
232 pages, Soft cover
$25 each
Volume 1 & Volume 2 now available!
Herkimer County at 200
Published by The Herkimer County HistoricalSociety
"describes what went on here in the Two hundred years that have passed since 1791"
338 pages, Hardcover

Arpund Raquette Lake Adirondack Ventures
Images of America
Around Raquette Lake
by James M. Kammer
"illustrates the intriguing histroy of a lake region in the heart of the Adirondacks"
127 pages, Softcover
Images of America
Adirondack Ventures
by Donald R, Williams
"explores the early man-made features that were introduced ubto NYS's great mountain and lake region."
"200 rare photographs"
127 pages, Softcover

Old Forge Gateway to the Adirondacks Old Forge & the Fulton Chain of Lakes
Postcard History Series
Old Forge
Gateway to the Adirondacks

Linda Cohen, Sarah Cohen, and Peg Masters
"a pictorial history of the transformation of an eighteenth-century lakeside clearing in the wilderness into one of the premier recreational destinations in New York State's six-million-acre Adirondack Park"
 more than 200 vintage postcards
128 pages, Softcover
All royalties donated to the Town of Webb Historical Association by the authors
Images of America
Old Forge and The Fulton Chain of Lakes
by Linda Cohen and Peg Masters
"Old Forge emerged as the residential and commerical hub of the Central Adirondacks..."

127 pages, Softcover
Adirondack 102 ClubAdirondack coloring book
Adirondack 102 Club
Your Passport & Guide to the North Country
by Martin Podskoch

213 pages, Hardcover
My Adirondack Coloring Book
by Douglas Green & Barbara Green
Adirondack scenes and games to get your creativity on
  32 pages, Softcover
Moose River Diary Moose River Diary II
Moose River Diary
In search of the Settlement
by Judy Jones
227 pages, Softcover

Moose River Diary 2
The Mole People
by Judy Jones
203 pages, Softcover


Brandreth Adirondack Paddling
A Band of Cousins Preserves the Oldest Adirondack Family Enclave
by Orlando B. Potter, III and Donald Brandreth Potter

282 pages, Hardcover

Adirondack Paddling
60 Great Flatwater Adventures
by Phil Brown
"introduces you to the pantheon of flatwater trips in the Adirondack Park"
288 pages, Softcover

Adirondack Character The Adirondacks In Celebration of the Seasons
Adirondack Character
Builds a Community
by Mart Allen
"Selections form his long-running column in the Adirondack Express"
119 pages, Softcover
The Adirondacks
In Celebration of the Seasons

by Mark Bowe
144 pages, Hardcover


The Adirondacks Anyplace Wild in the Adirondacks
The Adirondacks
by Carl Heilman II
"A stunning trubute to one of America's natural treasures with panoramic photographs of the Adirondack Park's grand mountains, pristine woods, and pricturesque waterways"
Anyplace Wild in the Adirondacks
Volume One
"A collection of 20 Historic Tear-Out Adirondack Postcards to keep or send"

An Artist's View of Inlet
An Artist's View of Old Forge
An Artist's View of Inlet, NY
by Walt Hagues
"to help the reader appreciate the beauty of nature and have a great Adirondak experience in Inlet , NY"
23 pages, Softcover with removeable illustrations suitable for framing

An Artist's View of Old Forge, NY
by Walt Hagues
"to help the reader appreciate the beauty of nature and have a great Adirondak experience in Old Forge , NY"
18 pages, Softcover with removeable illustrations suitable for framing


Learning to Cook Adirondack
Learning to Cook Adirondack Over an Open Fire
Learning to Cook Adirondack
by Nancy Pulling Best
"Travel through her recipe box and memories"
72 pages, Softcover
Learning to Cook Adirondack
Over An Open Fire
by Nancy Pulling Best
"recipes, stories and memories about cooking over an open fire"
72 pages, Softcover

Big Moose Community Chapel History
Kamp Kill Kare
Big Moose Community Chapel
1981 - 2006
History and Remembrances of Worship in an Adirondack Chapel

edited by Richard L. Williams
Kamp Kill Kare
Memories of Life in an Adirondack Great Camp
Written by Roy Wires
"This book is weitten about the Wires family who lived year round for ten years at Kamp Kill Kare"
  63 pages, Softcover

Under an Adirondack Influence
Adirondack Characters and Campfire Yarns
Under An Adirondack Influence
The Life of A.L. Byron-Curtiss 1871 - 1959
 William J. O'Hern & Roy E. Reehill

352 pages, Softcover
Autographed by Authors!
Adirondack Characters and Campfire Yarns
Early Settlers and their Traditions
by William J. O'Hern

"A mosaic history of the lives and traditions of the settlers of the Southern Adirondacks."
248 pages, Softcover

Adirondack Dectective Returns
Adirondack Dectective III
Adirondack Dectective Returns
by John H. Briant
"narrates the contunuing adventures of Private  Dectective Jason Black"
366 pages, Softcover

Adirondack Detective III
by John H.Briant

"Private Dectective Jason Black continues his efforts to quell criminal activity in the Adirondack Mountains"
308 pages, Softcover

Adirondack Detective Goes West
Adirondack Detective A New Begining
Adirondack Dectective Goes West
by John H.Briant

"Private Dectective Jason Black is summoned to Arizona to assist his former US Marine Corp buddy"
296 pages, Softcover
Adirondack Detective A New Beginning
by John H.Briant
"Private Detective Jason Black return from Arizona only to find that his life and others are being threatened"
295 pages, Softcover


Adirondack Stories
Adirondack Stories II
Adirondack Stories
Historical Sketches

written by Marty Podskoch
Illustrated by Sam Glanzman

168 pages, Softcover
Adirondack Stories II
101 More Historical Sketches

written by Marty Podskoch
Illustrated by Sam Glanzman

120 pages, Softcover

A man from the past

... a man from the past.
by Roy C. Higby
"It deals, in short, with reality, with nature, with people, with a full life and what one man has learned from it"
157 pages, Softcover

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