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Section 4b

Surveyed by Marge Bonnett, volunteer

Data entered by Peg Masters, July 2000

Section 4b    
Dempsey Esther J. 1851-1923
Doolan Edward 1850-1932
Doolan Mary McCooey Irvine, his wife 1865-1948
Peck Frank B. 1873-1956
Peck Gertrude K. 1870-1964
Marks Walter D. 1877-1972
Marks Angnette, his wife 1878-1946
Marks Emily Howe 1909-
Marks George Aaron 1903-1991
Bisselle Morgan Fitch 1908-1991
Bisselle Lucille Marks 1908-1998
Jordan Daniel 1869-1945
Jordan Marie Antoinette Blesbois, wife 1876-
Gardner Gregor Hunt 1913-1977
Gardner Charles Egbert 1872-1935
Gardner Faith Wilder Kidder 1880-1926
Leeds Charles Carley d. 1949
Leeds Ida Esquerre d. 1937
Esquerre Mathilde Pene, her mother d. 1920
Callahan Maurice 1870-1956
Callahan Emma E. 1870-1967
Callahan Maurice Jr. 1910-1966
Thompson George Durant 1903-1959
Grady Dorothy Thompson 1899-1994
Grady Joseph F. 1891-1962
Trottier Frederick 1874-1933
Trottier Anna Thomas 1869-1946
Wilcox Leslie E. 1902-1972
Wilcox Daphne, his wife 1910-
Merkes Peter, J, father 1870-1934
Merkes George E. 1908-1968
Hill James H. 1866-1940
Hill Emma R. Rivett, his wife 1972-1964
Hill Elizabeth A. 1926-1990
Hill Nellie M. 1888-1952
Hill John E. 1875-1957
Rivette Alfred F. "Bus" 1913-1994
Rivette Jaqueline L. Smith, his wife 1914-1995
Rivette Alfred G. 1891-1972
Rivette Frances Bowers, his wife 1891-1975
Russell Frederick C.. 1884-1943
Russell Anna Christy, his wife 1881-1944
Russell Baby 1955-1955
Thomas Robert E. 1907-1991
Thomas Shirley G., wife 1910-1998
Christy Phillip H. 1854-1947
Christy Bridget Rivett, his wife 1863-1947
Christy Rev. Lawrence J. 1921-1990
Christy William P. 1887-1969
Christy Catherine Sullivan 1888-1982
Christy John H. 1890-1979
Christy Elizabeth K, his wife 1888-1973
Axtell Beatrice Christy 1912-1955
Rivett Frank E. 1893-1979
Rivett Ruth Charbonneau, his wife 1895-1973
Rivett Christopher 1948-1990
Rivett Robert H. 1916-1978
McCann Thomas 1902-1977
McCann Nancy Rivett, his wife 1926-2000
Stevens Mae 1884-1973
Stevens Charlie 1882-1963
Graves Albert F. 1892-1957
Graves Germaine I. Posthumus, his wife 1895-1946
Dallaire Peter 1868-1954
Dallaire Mary 1884-1952
LaGray Anna, sister 1889-1966
Depew Father Leon 1898-1971
Lindsay Joseph E. 1908-1991
Lindsay Ruth F., his wife 1912-
McAllister James A. 1866-1955
McAllister Gertrude Ludeke, his wife 1886-1976
Hoch Emma, mother 1885-1970
Hoch Olive A., daughter 1916-
Patrick William W. 1883-1955
Patrick Elizabeth T. 1894-1964
Patrick Bernard L. 1913-1964
Chase Charlie H. 1901-1946
Chase Ola Denio, his wife 1902-1979
Herman Richard C. 1899-1960
Herman Mary B. 1909-1972
Turner Jean R., mother 1910-1996
Turner Jack W., father d. 1967
Raymond Fred B. 1906-1983
Raymond Clara Rozon, his wife 1893-1965
Raymond Frederick B. 1906-1983
Santangelo William P. 1927-1998
Santangelo Josephine A. 1932-
McNally Beatrice A. 1924-
McNally William J. 1880-1955
McNally Calista S. 1888-1987
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